Clue Me In: Episode 1

Jezebel takes the hot seat in Punishment Island for this brand new solo game. The object is simple: her friend Faith has a secret word and list of six clues associated with the word. One by one, Jezebel gets a clue and has to guess the word. If she succeeds, great! Nothing happens to her. If she cannot guess the word after three clues, she gets a messy punishment curtesy of Faith.

But it's not all roses for Faith. Every time Jezebel guesses the secret word, Faith gets a nice little splash of water as her own little punishment. What a silly silly concept Project 20M is.

NOTE: Because this is a solo game there is no spoiler gallery necessary. This page contains screencaps from the entire game.

Visit the Project 20M Web Store to see Jezebel play Clue Me In.