For the Love of the Game

Project 20M is all about models, merriment, and mess. We play simple but exciting games with the loser being sent to what we've affectionately called "Punishment Island."

In Punishment Island the loser gets covered by the winner in a variety of sweet and sticky messes like pies, syrup, slime, chocolate, and more. We don't play for cash and trips on Project 20M. The right to stay clean is all the prize these models need.

You probably still have some questions. Let's answer them:


Why not? For the models it's a chance to do what they almost never get to do: play around and deliberately get dirty. For fans it's a chance to see pretty girls fling pie and slime at each other. Everybody wins.

Are guys allowed to play Project 20M?

We try to focus on female models (because how often are girls encouraged to get messy?) but we sometimes make exceptions for models who want to bring a male friend along to play with. These exceptions are rare, though.

Looks like a blast! How do I become a contestant?

If you live in or are planning to visit the Chicagoland area and are 18 years or older, we'd love to have you at the Project 20M studios. Simply send an E-mail to with a few words about yourself and why you think you'd be a good contestant. Because our games require at least two players, priority is given to contestants who can bring a female friend along to play with.

What are you looking for in a contestant?

A sense of humor and a desire to let their hair down and have fun. Though most contestants come from the world of modeling, you do NOT have to be a professional or even amateur model to participate. But because our games are filmed a good presence and poise in front of a video camera is a must.

I'm a fan and have a request to see a certain model in a certain situation. Can you accommodate me?

Unfortunately, because we are still relatively "small time," we cannot accommodate requests for custom games. But feel free to send a message to with your comments, suggestions, and questions. We love feedback and try to incorporate as much from our fans as possible.

I love a certain model. Where can I find her Facebook/Twitter/E-mail/Phone Number?

For security reasons, we NEVER supply contact information of Project 20M contestants. In fact, everybody who appears on Project 20M is actually playing under an assumed name. Sorry, but it's a jungle out there on the internet.

How can I make sure Project 20M stays on the air for years and years to come?

Producing messy games is fun but expensive work. The best way to ensure that we can fund more games in the future is by visiting our web store and buying the full HD videos of our shows. The videos are super affordable, easy to download, and yours forever. And don't forget to tell your friends about Project 20M. Your support can turn a simple idea into a sloppy, slimy, empire!